Welcome to BookerHigh.com!

We're here to provide a free gathering place on the internet for (Sarasota) Booker High alumni, students, and faculty to reminsce about the old days as well as the present. One reason why BookerHigh.com was created is because of other alumni sites (like ClassMates.com) that receive information voluntarily from alumni yet turn around and charge a fee to even lookup email addresses of fellow alumni! It's a bit too exploitative and silly for our tastes, so here we are.

Make sure you wear your hardhats - we're still under heavy construction and we'll be adding a host of new features, such photo galleries, alumni profile/database, and vanity @bookerhigh.com email addresses. All for free, of course.

Right now, all we have are our online forums, but that's good because they'll be the best part of our website. So, go ahead and mosey on over to the forums, register yourself, and start posting. Maybe you'll virtually run into a long lost classmate of yours!

Enjoy, and welcome back to "school!" :)

Raymond Hines III
Class of 1986

P.S. Just to make it clear - this website is independently operated and is not officially affiliated with the real Booker High in Sarasota, Florida. To visit the official Booker High website, just click here.